Legal - Standard EFET Contracts and Documentation

Changes to EFET Standard Documentation
The EFET Agreements have been drafted as standard form documents. Changes in the text are to be identified in the Election Sheet and not in the body of the document. The advantage of using the standard form EFET Agreements with the Election Sheet is to reduce the time for a party to review the terms of another party's documentation. This benefit is lost if the body of the EFET Agreement is amended or retyped. If any changes are made to the main body of the EFET Agreement by a party these should be highlighted in bold type for the benefit of the other party.

Legal Opinions of the General Agreements on Power and Gas for many European countries are available to EFET members.

Note on EFET List of Notified Planned Maintenance Points
EFET has not previously published and does not in the future intend to publish the list of Notified Planned Maintenance Points ('List of NPMPs'), as referred to under the definition of the Notified Planned Maintenance Point in Annex 1 (Defined Terms) to the EFET General Agreement concerning the Delivery and Acceptance of Natural Gas, Version 2.0 (a) (May 11, 2007) and Version 2.0 (January 6, 2003) ('EFET General Gas Agreements'). Users of the EFET General Gas Agreements are advised to reflect on the non-existence of the List of NPMPs bilaterally.

Note on Copyright
EFET consents to the use and photocopying of the EFET Agreements. EFET does not consent to the reproduction of EFET documentation for sale. EFET does not consent to changes of the main body of the EFET General Agreement without making the changes from the original clearly recognisable. Every translation of the EFET Agreements requires the authorisation of EFET.

All EFET Documentation is prepared by EFET members exercising reasonable care. EFET, EFET Members, Representatives and EFET Counsel involved in the drafting of the documentation shall NOT be liable, or otherwise responsible, for its use, or any damages, or consequential losses thereof in any particular jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of each party wishing to use any EFET Documentation and the EFET General Agreement to ensure that its terms and conditions are legally binding, valid and enforceable and that they serve best to protect the user's legal interests.