Our Staff

Mark Copley

Title: CEO

Nationality: British

E-mail: m.copley@efet.org 

Phone: +44 7407 672659

Location: London

Area of responsibility: Association Leadership

Barbara Lempp

Title: Chief Operations Officer EFET Europe and Managing Director EFET Deutschland

Nationality: German

E-mail: b.lempp@efet.org

Phone: +49 162 2847988

Location: Berlin

Area of responsibility: Treasurer EFET Europe EFET Operations Committee,
EFET Deutschland - Association Management,German electricity market, Market regulation

Peter Styles

Title: Executive Board Member

Nationality: British

E-mail: p.styles@efet.org

Phone: +44 7793 746939

Location: Canterbury

Area of responsibility: EFET Grants Program

Doug Wood

Title: Chairman of the Gas Committee

Nationality: British

E-mail: d.wood@efet.org

Phone: +44 7900 432334

Location: London

Area of responsibility: International gas trading, EU energy policy, Biogas and hydrogen market development

Jérôme Le Page

Title: Chairman of the Electricity Committee

Nationality: French

E-mail: j.lepage@efet.org

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: EU electricity market design, Electricity trading, Renewable energy, Coordination of national electricity markets

Maria Popova

Title: Director Market Integrity and Renewable Electricity

Nationality: Bulgarian

E-mail: m.popova@efet.org

Phone: +44 7935 566114

Location: London

Area of responsibility: Energy and financial market supervision, Integrity and transparency, Integration of renewable electricity into electricity markets, Challenges and opportunities of fin-tech for energy trading, Impact of Brexit on energy markets

Lorenzo Biglia

Title: Manager for European Electricity Markets

Nationality: Italian

E-mail: l.biglia@efet.org

Phone: +39 371 0100519

Location: Turin

Area of responsibility: EU electricity markets, EU climate policies, PPAs, Sector integration

Mike Bostan

Title: Manager, Market Supervision Committee

Nationality: Romanian, Belgian

E-mail: m.bostan@efet.org

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: Market supervision, Financial regulation, Commodity derivatives, Coordinator Training and Education Programmes

Michaela Duve

Title: Chair of the Legal Committee

Nationality: German

Languages spoken: German, English

E-mail: m.duve@efet.org

Phone: +49 160 9363 3528

Location: Germany

Area of responsibility: EFET templates development and maintenance, hydrogen standardisation, contract digitalisation

Aygul Adamson

Title: Director, Legal Services, Legal Committee

Nationality: Belgian

E-mail: a.adamson@efet.org

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: Legal services, Standardisation of contracts, Credit, Collateral, Trading compliance

Sonia Auguscik

Title: Legal Committee Associate, Co-ordinator for Trading Compliance WG

Nationality: Polish

E-mail: s.auguscik@efet.org

Location:  Birmingham

Area of responsibility: trading compliance, PPA standardisation, legal netting opinions, EFET templates development and maintenance

Pawel Lont

Title: Manager for European Gas Markets & Polish Power Market

Nationality: Polish

E-mail: p.lont@efet.org

Phone: +48 668 817 497

Location: Lodz

Area of responsibility: EU gas market design and energy policy, Gas trading, Power market in Poland

Mariana Liakopoulou

Title: Markets and Policy Associate

Nationality: Greek

Phone: +32 456 57 03 03

E-mail: m.liakopoulou@efet.org

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: Gas decarbonisation and hydrogen, certification and guarantees of origin, French gas market, UK gas market, CSEE gas markets, Greek power market. 


Sandra Milardovic

Title: Manager Eastern Europe Electricity

Nationality: Croatian

E-mail: s.milardovic@efet.org

Phone: +49 170 9629086

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: CEE & SEE electricity trading

Federico Barbieri

Title: Secretary for Southern European Markets

Nationality: Italian

E-mail: f.barbieri@efet.org

Phone: +39 348 582 1375

Location: Brussels

Area of responsibility: Iberian, Swiss and Italian gas and electricity markets

Marianne Alfenaar

Title: Association Management, Coordination, Accounting

Nationality: Dutch

E-mail: m.alfenaar@efet.org; secretariat@efet.org

Phone: +31 20 5207970

Location: Netherlands 

Area of responsibility: Coordination, Administration, Membership registration, Training Programme


Marko Cubelic

Title: Policy Associate (EFET, EFET Deutschland)

Nationality: Croatian

E-mail: m.cubelic@efet.org

Phone: +49 30 2655 7824

Location: Berlin

Area of responsibility: CEE gas market, German gas market, EFET Static Data Manager, EIC Coding contact

Filip Sleeuwagen

Title: Associate EFET Operations

Nationality: Belgian

E-mail: f.sleeuwagen@efet.org

Phone: +32 473 90 76 35

Location: Belgium

Area of responsibility: EFET Operations, Electronic Settlement Matching, Electronic Regulatory Reporting, Electronic Confirmation Matching

Arben Kllokoqi

Title: Director for Electricity Market Design

Nationality: Kosovar, British

E-mail: a.kllokoqi@efet.org

Phone: +43 664 883 685 34

Location: Vienna

Area of responsibility: Electricity Market Design and Forward Markets

Stuart Beeston

Title: Secretary for Operations Committee

Nationality: British

E-mail: s.beeston@efet.org

Location: London

Area of responsibility: EFET Operations

Anca Bossons

Title: Associate EFET Operations

Nationality: British

E-mail: a.bossons@EFET.org

Location: London

Area of responsibility: EFET Operations

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