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EFET joins 17 European energy associations to put forward a joint industry statement on VAT fraud prevention


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EFET calls for more attention to the benefits of market-based mechanisms in the context of the ambitious new renewable energy goals for the EU


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Joint EFET, eurelectric, MPP statement on efficient capacity calculation - Amendment to Art. 14.7 draft recast Electricity Regulation


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EFET calls on MINETAD to address the Iberian intraday power market design


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EFET, IETA, eurelectric, CEEP Joint Statement on improved transparency of interactions between the EU’s carbon market and climate and energy policies at Member State and Union level


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EFET, eurelectric, CEEP Joint Statement: Assessing Policy Overlap Impacts on the EU ETS through the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union


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EFET, Eurelectric, Market Parties Platform, Nordenergi Joint Statement: The CEP should foster - not threaten - the availability of cross-border transmission capacity


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EFET Joint statement on Guarantees of Origin w/Eurelectric, Solar Power Europe, Wind Europe et all


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EFET calls the European Commission to ensure the relevant technical and market design improvements are implemented before the go-live of the XBID platform.


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EFET provides recommendations to ensure a sound Iberian intraday market design


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